How to install the filter cartridge of soldering fume extractor

soldering fume extractor

The filter cartridge of soldering fume extractor is a star-shaped filter formed by folding a certain length of crisp filter material into pleats and gluing end to end. cylinder. The filter cartridge has no cage and is easy to install.

There are three ways to install the filter cartridge of the soldering fume extractor: vertical, inclined and horizontal. The filter cartridge is installed vertically. When the pulse is cleaned, the dust is easy to be cleared and settled to the ash hopper, and the effect is good. When installed obliquely, the filter cartridges are stacked on top of each other, with a compact structure and small footprint, which is convenient for changing the cartridges. Installed horizontally, the dust on the upper part of the lower filter cartridge is more difficult to remove.

The filter element specification of soldering fume extractor:

Filter paper filter element: filtration accuracy from 0.5um−100um

Glass fiber filter element: precision from 0.01um−150um

The above is the installation method of the filter cartridge and the specifications of the filter element.

soldering fume extractor


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