Introduction to the main functions of heavy duty dust collector

heavy duty dust collector

The role of heavy duty dust collector is mainly to remove macromolecular organic matter, iron oxide and residual chlorine. This is because organic matter, residual chlorine and iron oxides can easily poison the ion exchange resin, while residual chlorine and cationic surfactants will not only poison the resin, but also damage the membrane structure and make the reverse osmosis membrane ineffective.

How heavy duty dust collector works

The adsorption principle of activated carbon is: a layer of balanced surface concentration is formed on the surface of the particles, and then the organic matter impurities are adsorbed into the activated carbon particles, and the adsorption effect at the initial stage of use is very high. But over time, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon will be weakened to varying degrees, and the adsorption effect will also decrease. If the water in the aquarium is cloudy and the water is high in organic matter, the activated carbon will quickly lose its filtering function. Therefore, activated carbon should be cleaned or replaced regularly.​​

The size of the activated carbon particles also has an effect on the adsorption capacity. In general, the smaller the activated carbon particles, the larger the filter area. Therefore, powdered activated carbon has the largest total area and the best adsorption effect, but powdered activated carbon easily flows into the aquarium with water, which is difficult to control and is rarely used. Granular activated carbon is not easy to flow due to the formation of particles, and impurities such as organic matter in water are not easy to block in the activated carbon filter layer. It has strong adsorption capacity and is easy to carry and replace.​​

The adsorption capacity of activated carbon is proportional to the contact time with water. The longer the contact time, the better the filtered water quality. NOTE: The filtered water should flow out of the filter layer slowly. The new activated carbon should be washed clean before the first use, otherwise black water will flow out. Activated carbon should be added 2 to 3 cm at the bottom and top before being loaded into the filter

heavy duty dust collector


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