RS3 Money Making guide

A lot has changed from the first version of 2001, to the RuneScape 3 iteration we have now, but one resource that has always been vital: money.

Money-making is among the most important tasks to perform in RuneScape. It's easy to get caught in the incredible fantasy world of RuneScape and you'll to need plenty of in-game Gold in order to maximize your time. There are plenty of quick ways to earn RS money which every player should be aware about.

Players have been getting lost to the world that is RuneScape for over 20 years and its never-ending adventures to be completed and the eerie beasts that you can kill remains a fascination even to this day.


A lot has changed from the first version of 2001, to the RuneScape 3 iteration we have now, but one resource that has always been vital: money.

Gold in RuneScape is crucial when it comes to upgrading weapons and armor, so here are the quickest and easiest ways to earn gold in Gielnor.

How to make money in RuneScape

There are a variety of methods to earn money in RuneScape which include Flipping, Tanning Leather, and harvesting Cursed Energy. However, figuring out how to make these strategies work requires a lot of time.


It's not easy as you begin your journey into a world that has grown over twenty years However, don't panic. Although you may not be able to earn money as fast or efficiently as experienced pros but there are numerous ways of earning Gold and strengthening your character.

Unfortunately, the majority of these methods and tools require a paid RuneScape membership, but others can be pulled off by anyone. This article will explain how to make money in RuneScape, both with and without subscribing.


RuneScape money-making (no membership)

Kill Chickens

It may sound absurd, but giving up chickens can be one of the easiestand enjoyable ways to earn money in RuneScape. They're pretty easy to track down, all you have to do is head over to Fred the Farmer's property and start hacking away.


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Raw chicken, bones feathers, and other bones can be offered at the Grand Exchange for a reasonable amount of Gold and the bones can be buried should you wish to boost your Prayer stat. While it's unlikely to earn you a million dollars but it's an ideal method for beginners to master the game's combat system.

Superheat Runite Ore

Superheating is possibly the most effective method to earn money in RuneScape, but it's also perhaps among the boring. If you've not already signed up for a membership, it's very lucrative provided you're willing and willing to commit the time.


You can fill your inventory up with Runite Ores and continue casting your Superheat spell over and over again, turning the Ores to Rune Bars. They can be converted for 4,17 Gold per bar, and you'll see the effects of your Smithing and Magic XP sore as a result.



If you're seriously looking to make huge profits and earn a lot of money, then flipping is the best option. While it offers huge rewards for those willing to put in the time but it's also the most unpredictable and unreliable method on this list.

Flipping is the process of trading in items such as Nature Runes or Magic Logs, and selling them at an increased cost. It is a process that requires you to understand the ever-changing market and keep a keen eye on what is in demand at any given time.


It's a given that it will take time to learn what happens when certain items go up in value and when it's time to get your hands on them and when to buy more, but there's an amazing amount of money to be gained when you're able to be a professional trader.

RuneScape earns money (membership)

Collect Bananas

It's like hunting chickens, but you'll need a few items that are only available to members to make your fruit-picking efficient enough to be worthwhile. Find a Ring of Duelling, an Amulet of Glory, and the baskets you wish to fill, and then head to Musa Point.

Explore all the trees , picking bananas with your Amulet of Glory to quickly teleport between each one during the process. Once all of your baskets are full of five bananas each you will be awarded your reward.


Since this is incredibly easy to do and involves no significant risk, the rewards aren't likely to be huge. If you're new to Gielnor it is highly recommended that to do this in the early hours of the game.


Dragon Leather

Dragon Leather in any color could be extremely valuable, dependent on how the in-game economy favors you. Slaying Dragons drops Dragon Hides that can be transformed into Leather with a mobile crafting station or a dedicated Tanner.

To make the process as swift as you can, make a pre-set that allows you to Tan the maximum amount of Hides in a single go, showering you with beautiful Dragon Leather. These can then be sold to Gold, but profits will fluctuate with each sale.

Cleanse Herbs

Herb Cleansing is a second low-risk method to rake in Gold however, it does come with some limitations. It requires that you be able to acquire an Herblore Cape for achieving Level 99 in the skill and to have enough Gold to put into the herbs.

Once you've identified which plant is the most profitable, load your inventory of full them by splashing as much cash as you're willing. By using a bank preset, you can wash a massive quantity of herbs in rapid intervals, and watch the Gold start to come into.

Cursed Energy

Then, we get to the most dangerous method of all, harvesting Cursed Energy. For this, you'll have to improve your Divination skill to 95 and then head towards this Cursed Wisp Colony near the Wilderness Volcano.


Cursed Energy is easily harvested from Wisps, which can then be converted into Incandescent Energy by visiting Edgeville. Incandescent Energy sells for a decent 291 gold per unit and there's no limit to how much is possible to earn.


However, the risk comes due to the fact that the Cursed Wisp Colony can be found in the Level 25 Wilderness area, and carrying Cursed Energy does away with any limit on combat level. This means players of any level could be able to kill or attack you in any way they want, which puts you under threat of losing your possessions.

This guide will tell you everything you should know about RuneScape making money. For more helpful tips read our other guides.

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