What to Do When Moving a Smaller Shipment?

You’re a teenager who’s eagerly longing to move out of your Mumbai home following a wonderful scholarship offer to study in the IT capital of India, Bangalore.

You're a teenager who's eagerly longing to move out of your Mumbai home following a wonderful scholarship offer to study in the IT capital of India, Bangalore. You wanted to pursue higher education in the city owing to its extensive line of prestigious institutes and colleges and now that the dream is eventually coming true, you must not delay booking the packers and movers in Mumbai.


Since you are new to a lot of things happening around you because you have never moved before, nor have you traveled alone, without your parents, you may not apprehend the situation around you. That is okay. Sooner or later, the planning, preparation , and intricacies of your move shall be dealt with by the elders only but since you will be the one witnessing the move closely and that too in complete surprise, you will come across several things all at once. Do not take much stress but just keep a mental note of the events taking place.

Well, now that you know your job, just go through the things you should be aware of while moving your limited count of goods.

• Know that when a professional mover is hired for a miniature shipment, the mover may not agree to move it right away. Smaller shipments do not necessitate booking an entire moving vehicle and neither too much labor is involved in the process. The movers consider these moving enquire impractically and they are not ready to deal with the loss.

• Whenever a similar moving inquiry with just a few goods gets submitted with the moving company, the company that shifts those smaller shipments devises a plan to transport that package in the best way possible. The moving experts consolidate several smaller loads together to reserve an entire truck, ensuring that the delivery station is either the same or nearby.

• The reason why several movers scrap smaller shipments is that they had to face big losses in getting the cargos delivered. Either the space within the moving truck gets wasted due to fewer packages or there is not enough space to fit in a remaining smaller cargo within the truck.

But what if the moving company accepts to move your partial load?

• Moving smaller loads are expensive – Many people think transferring fewer items and a lesser load is not that expensive. But the reality is, it is. Though the prices are entirely different from bigger shipments, obviously but still when you look at the pricing from the weightage point of view, you get to know it is pricy.

• Why do movers charge more for it? – See, when someone hires professionals for their insignificant amount of stuff, the movers require to attend the inquiry with the same urgency and carry out the process with the same diligence, when they know they rarely have things to do. This is one reason why the movers decide to charge for the packing and handling on an hourly basis and their clock starts ticking the moment they reach your place for the goods assessment, discussion, and packing tasks.

• Storage and upfront costs add up – People with smaller shipments often opt for temporary storage and this gives the moving companies a fair chance to raise their costs. They shoot up their prices to make the most out of the otherwise impractical deal and there go several other costs that one has to pay the same. So, make sure you know all of this and review the pricing structure forwarded by the moving company. Your guardian should be aware of all of the things we are sharing in this post, it will be quite helpful for them when they are shortlisting a suitable moving company for your minor shipment.

Note: Single individuals or students who relocate following their job or to pursue education often opt for temporary storage for their goods. This is either when their new house is not finalized or not ready for a move-in. If you also find yourself in a similar situation, you can also opt for secure storage but be ready to pay a large cost because storage facilities are high-priced options.

• Because Things are not flexible – Of all the drawbacks one may face while moving smaller shipments, one major issue that the customers encounter is that there is no flexibility and liberty of the individual in the move. Why? the movers handle it as they find themselves comfortable with the task. Your urgent consignment may not be attended to with equal attention. Owing to your minor stuff, your goods might get handled towards the completion of bigger moves. Also, because your goods, in this case, get dealt with cargos of many others, getting a fixed date of delivery from the movers remains a problem.

• When there is urgency – Let's think of it from another point of view. There are times when the partial load is to be delivered to the destination on an immediate basis. Such cases of urgency are attended to differently and are given utmost attention upon request but in that case, the customer has to spend good money on the move. So, make sure you are clear in your head about the kind of move yours is and how you want to take the move forward.

• Why not move goods alone? – Many people think of transporting their smaller shipment by hiring a local mover but that is not the ideal way to shift homes, no matter how easy your move seems or how close you are moving, or how fewer your goods are. It is always good to have professionals' assistance in the event because no matter what count of goods you are moving if the packing remains good, relocation does turn out to be impeccable and successful, right?

You would be thinking all of these aspects to be a lot of information at one go, right? Well, just go through them and keep them in mind.

The movers and packers in Mumbai will understand your specific move requirements and will offer you the best available moving assistance. Just make sure you enquire them the rates for the same so you can take care of your restricted budget too.


Ram Sewak

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