How to choose the right heavy duty dust collector

heavy duty dust collector

Heavy duty dust collectors are very common in daily use, and there are many varieties on the market. However, due to the lack of relevant professional knowledge, consumers encounter many difficulties in the process of purchasing dust collectors, and it is difficult for consumers to choose suitable products.

1. Select according to the quantity of processing gas.

The amount of process gas is also a decisive factor in determining the size and type of heavy duty dust collector. There is no doubt that it is appropriate to choose a dust collector with a large capacity to process gas. If multiple small volume collectors are used, it is often impractical to use them simultaneously. When a dust collector enters actual operation, it can be affected by operating and environmental conditions. Therefore, when determining the capacity of the equipment, it is impossible to predict. You can guarantee a certain room or space for certain devices.

2. Choose according to the dispersion and density of dust.

The dispersion of dust has a great influence on the performance of heavy duty dust collector, the degree of dispersion of dust is the same, but due to different operating conditions, when selecting a dust collector, it is necessary to accurately grasp the degree of dispersion of dust, for example, when the particle size When the particle size is larger than 10 μm, cyclone dust collector can be selected. When the particle size is less than a few microns, electrostatic precipitator and bag filter should be selected. Specific selections can also be combined with other selections and purchase requirements.

3. The temperature of the dust-laden gas also has a certain influence on the type selection.

The basic principle of heavy duty dust collectors is based on the temperature above the dust gas, in wet dust collectors it should also be operated at low temperatures as much as possible due to evaporation of water and condensation after discharge into the atmosphere.

heavy duty dust collector


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